WhatsApp Image 2020-04-27 at 17.00.41_2MUMBAI. Not the city I grew up in but came here for my first job and spend almost four years of my life. It was never on my  list of cities to go to. But destiny always has its way. Landed in the city of dreams and was greeted with heavy monsoons showers. After few initial months of hurdles, got adjusted to this new city.

This city grows on you. You can take a person out of Mumbai but can never take out Mumbai out of heart of a person who has learned to live a life in the “Mumbai way”. Always looking for opportunities to leave the place,  but 6 months down the line, I still miss the life that city gave me. It gave me endless memories to cherish, some bonds for a lifetime and experiences that made me who I am today.

Grocery shopping, paying the bills, travelling alone and being responsible and independent made me into a mature adult from a simple college going girl. Celebrating various festivals together and being familiar with new cultures is something which every Mumbaikar looks forward to and had always excited me.

Anyone who has stayed in Mumbai, definitely can’t miss to mention about two places in South Bombay- Colaba and Fort. Holding an ice cream cone and walking on the streets can give way to some memorable conversations. Numerous shopping trips to the Causeway with my girl gang, nights outs at Marine Drive and strolls on the beaches are a part of my fond memories. Several chit-chats with colleagues outside office helped me to explore the foodie in me. The famous “vada pav” and the lip smacking Bombay sandwich is a delight to have on rainy evenings. From dancing to latest hits in a club to trekking to the highest peak of Maharashtra – Kalsubai, we have done it all.

I would be wrong if I say college life is most special phase of your life because living alone in a city with a set of friends can be as fulfilling. And undoubtedly, a city is defined by the people you associate that city with. If you don’t have the right company by your side, may be the same city can turn out to be a nightmare. Well, I was lucky enough to find some craziest set of people who brought out the crazy person in me too.

No matter how fast paced Mumbai is, one should try to spend at least a year or two here , all by themselves to explore  themselves and experience a lot more that life has to offer.

16 replies on “Its Truly “AAMCHI MUMBAI””

Mumbai is called city of dreams or a maya nagri.By sharing your sweet memories of your stay in the city and expressing your gratitude to it for making you independent you have told story of many youngsters who are living away from their homes and grow up into responsible individuals.

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How wonderfully your words have expressed your splendid experiences in and around ‘your Mumbai’. You made me nostalgic about one of my favorite cities!!

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Very well written. I agree with you completely. 12 yrs n still here. I remember the day when you came to Mumbai, Not very sure of the City…… Mind made up to go back ASAP… 😁
But you stayed n time flew just like that, carving a different person out of you.
And now you are a writer too… Keep writing dear and keep posting.

Stay Blessed! Stay Happy!

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Mumbai is just not any city, it AMCHI MUMBAI…!!
Loved the post, it gave a major throwback to the memories created with and in the city 😍


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