Start today for a greener tomorrow

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Looks beautiful right? To just look through the window it soothes our eyes to see lush green trees around us and birds chirping into melodious songs of their own. What if all this vanishes gradually? How does it feel not being able to go out in the open to enjoy the fresh air or rather not left with any fresh air to breath at all?


Come 5th June and things start flashing all over the social media creating awareness about environmental degradation and the measures we need to take as a society to preserve it. With “Celebrate Biodiversity” as the theme on World Environment Day, The United Nations brings in light for the need of conserving all living beings around us and prevent extinction of species around us. Lately we have been hearing a lot about the elephant death in Kerala (India) caused by humans by feeding a pineapple filled with firecrackers. This inhuman act leads us to stress on it all the more. It is not just limited to plants it includes taking care of the animals and other species as well to sustain the balance requires for survival.

Taking care of rivers and lakes, by minimising use of water and not disposing junk in them is the least we can do and it is easy for everyone to follow. By the way, it is not just harming the life within the water but also us as river water is used for a lot of purposes. So it endangers everyone’s life. Not littering is one of the lesson that everyone should be made to learn. Try to minimise waste and also try to throw in designated bins so that it can be disposed of in the most effective way to avoid pollution.

Kids are involved in activities that take place in schools encouraging them to be the first ones to lead in this endeavour. Not just in schools, they must be made aware of it at home too. Simple act of planting a sapling in a home lawn or in a park nearby can do wonders. It gives innate satisfaction to see it grow in front of your eyes. It is therapeutic as it can get. Youth has a huge role to play at a ground level. Regular clean-up drives across coasts as seen in Mumbai(India) is a major initiative to prevent wastes to enter the ocean and is much appreciated. To highlight, within waste, plastic is the major culprit. So limiting the use of plastic in our everyday lives can reduce contamination in land and degradation of the natural world. Using less of plastic packaging and taking your own shopping (jute)  bags next time you go out for grocery is one more measure that can make a difference. Same is the case with BYO (Bring your own) cups policy which is being adopted by various people these days to reduce disposable plastic waste. For coffee take your own cups so that they don’t add to the pile of junk. Trying to do bulk buying rather than buying many packets can reduce unnecessary plastic is another way every one of us can contribute. Minimising the use of paper and prevent its wastage can cause much lesser cutting of trees as compared to before.

There are various bloggers all over the internet trying to promote sustainable and green lifestyles. From home decor to beauty products all are used thoughtfully, keeping in mind its long lasting effects. This shows how small changes in our day to day living can form a part of much bigger impacts on environment. Going organic is another way as it results in no fertiliser transfer to the soil and retaining its quality. The lesser chemicals will be exposed to the food chain, the better it will be for all of us. In short, we can contribute as per each ones capacity and reap benefits. Reuse, Recycle and Reduce is the mantra we have been reading about since childhood in our science books and applying it in our practical lives has become much more essential at this time.

Last few years have seen numerous floods, cyclones, bush fires, landslides as a result of human intervention in-turn destroying livelihoods all over. Governments of all nations should take care of the fact that constructions take place at risky zones, e.g. which are prone to earthquakes. Reforestation is a sure shot solution to this reducing flooding and landslides. Handling Climate Change , a burning issue can be done by changing the way industries are run. Investing and de-investing are the major decisions to be take by the authorities to promote the right and discouraging the malpractices.

While the government takes care of the bigger things, we as responsible citizens can do our bit in these smallest ways possible but impacting in a huge way. The rising population should become a strength rather than a burden on earth. It is time to give back much more that has been consumed. Sure, it is easier said than done. But this World  Environment day, not just take a pledge like every year on 5th June, but also take action and at least initiate by doing our bit. Also, us along with motivating those around us to do the same. Let us make sure these yearly reminders are not neglected and are carried with us throughout the year.

3 replies on “Start today for a greener tomorrow”

These are some wonderful reminders that need to be understood and taken forward. Let’s hope for a better tomorrow by contributing our share and motivating everyone around us to do the same.

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These yearly reminders come like wake up calls for all of us.Just shifting responsibility on other shoulders is a denial to do our bit.So let us act in any smallest possible way to provide a healing touch to nature.

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