Finished your daily routine of Work-From-Home….. Check.

Watched your favourite series on Netflix…. Check.

Cooked the most relished dishes possible…. Check.

Work Out…. Check.

Grocery Shopping…. Check.

Daily routine phone calls… Check.

Reached out to your long lost college friends…. Check.

Facebook, Instagram, Tik-Tok…. All done!

So what’s next?

Well it’s the story of every person right now because none of the generations have experienced something like this before. A complete lockdown in the entire world.

But the shut down brought with it deserted roads, very uncommonly seen clear skies, pollution free cities, birds chirping and a lot more. Many families got time to spend with each other due to this which is a rare scenario in this day and age. Kids are having the most precious time of their lives with their parents and vice versa. Many tried their hand at cooking favourite dishes. A lot many explored their hidden talents, be it cooking, painting, sketching or any other activity they may take up as hobbies after this lockdown. True, this pandemic has brought everyone’s life to a pause in many ways. But it still brings to us the basic thought that the most basic necessities don’t require us give away our lives to the everyday hustle.

Also, isn’t this the perfect time to reflect on what’s been happening till now and how we want to take things forward? It may be a job, a same old routine, a study pattern or health. Anything that you would want to be in a different way than it is right now.

Of course, not to forget, it is the best place to be in the comfort of our homes. There are those who are out on the streets serving their nations in this time of need and are few among the most vulnerable. There are health workers who have not seen their families for days together. And yet we are tired of being safe, of being blessed.

So make the most of this time. Make memories. Make plans for your new ventures or for future travels. Do a lot of research, read or do what you have been wishing for the longest of time but couldn’t because your hectic lives never allowed you to take an easy breath. Time will again make you run for the crunching deadlines, it will again lead to half-finished meals, again there will be an endless wait for weekends to meet and spend time with your loved ones .So cherish it because it is a BLESSING IN DISGUISE.